Additional workshops will be organized in parallel to the regular meeting : 
four workshops are thus planned on Friday 21th July. 
Their organization will be mainly led by Kenneth Mertens (except Workshops 1B, led by Mélanie Wary).  
Workshops 1A and 1B, as well as 2A and 2B, will run in parallel, so if you want to participate please select one or two workshops from the list below and e-mail to kenneth.mertens@ifremer.fr and/or m.wary@epoc.ubordeaux1.fr before 15 May 2017. 
Please note that small additional fees (lunches and coffee breaks) may apply to these workshops (to be paid on-site). 

1A. Why dual nomenclature? (8am–10am) 
Conveners: Marianne Ellegaard, Gerard Versteegh & Martin Head 
Goal: Discussing advantages and limitations of dual nomenclature in cyst-forming dinoflagellates, particularly with regard to phylogeny. 
(Dale 1983)
1B. Modern dinocyst databases: possibilities and limits  
with new statistical treatment tools (8am–10am) 

Conveners: Anne de Vernal, Fabienne Marret, Aurélie  
Penaud & William Hardy 

Goal: test new statistical tools produced during the  
last decade to best explore the modern database and its potential. 
2A. Taxonomy of modern benthic and planktonic dinoflagellates (10am–1pm) 
Conveners: Mona Hoppenrath, Nicolas Chomérat, Maria A. Saburova, Elisabeth Nézan & Raffaele Siano 
Goal: microscopic investigation of benthic / planktonic dinoflagellates from samples brought by participants. 
2B. Taxonomy of fossil dinoflagellate cysts and acritarchs (10am–1pm) 
Conveners: Vera Pospelova, Kazumi Matsuoka, Martin J. Head, Stijn De Schepper, Edwige Masure, Thomas Servais & Daniel Michoux 
Goal: microscopic investigation of fossil dinoflagellate cysts in microscope slides brought by participants, with special focus on proximate gonyaulacoids (Batiacasphaera, Bitectatodinium, Corrudinium, Filisphaera, Habibacysta, Pyxidinopsis, Tectatodinium). 

Please note that workshops 2A and 2B are very much participant driven workshops - so if you want to show living material, fixed material or fossil material for help with identification, please bring it along (do not forget)!